Student Jobs

Available Student Assistant Positions

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Job Number
SLIM Student Media Assistant (EXTRAMURAL) 256458-A3 Administrative/Clerical
Veterans Resource Center Monitor A3 210290-A3 Administrative/Clerical
Clerical Student Assistant 259725-A1 Administrative/Clerical
Financial Aid Student Assistant 11535-A3 Administrative/Clerical
Lead Peer Navigator (Extramural) 249155-A3 Administrative/Clerical
Agriculture Assistant 3 (Extramural) 117362-A3 Agriculture
SLIM Garden Tech (Extramural) 253837-A3 Agriculture
Admissions and Records Peer Navigator A3 (Extramural) 262858-A3 Clerical
Umeke Ka'eo Student Assistant (Extramural) 265177-A4 Culinary Arts
Note taker, scribe, reader 47582-A2 Education
Peer Mentor (Extramural) 105102-A3 Education
Peer Tutor/Lab Assistant (Extramural) 105105-A3 Education
Project Assistant (teen mentoring middle schoolers) 258759-A4 Education
America Reads Preschool Tutor 11682-A3 Education
Hawaii Ulu Cooperative Processor (EXTRAMURAL) 260042-A4 Food Service
Business Office Fiscal Assistant (A2) 62995-A2 Groundskeeping
Janitor II 25493-A2 Groundskeeping/Janitor
Building Maintenance/General Laborer II 258755-A2 Groundskeeping/Janitor
COVID-19 Student Assistant (Extramural) 253969-A4 health/medical
Health Center Office Assistant 11549-A1 Health/Medical
COVID-19 Student Assistant (Extramural) 253969-A4 Health/Medical
Health and Safety Communications Assistant (Extramural) 258395-A3 Marketing
Maui Bookstore Assistant I 11554-A1 Retail
2D Solar Materials Undergraduate Research Assistant (Extramural) 264415-A4 Science
Lab Technician I 11804-A1 Science
Lab Technician II 11804-A2 Science
Student Shop Assistant 234974-A1 Technical/ Trades
Kako`o Tutor (A3) 11599-A3 Tutoring